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  • Tahiti “ The Queen Island ”

    Tahiti is the largest and most populated island, and is the starting point for all international travelers. International flights land at Faa’a Airport in the capital city of Papeete located 8 km south.
  • Bora Bora “ The Romantic Island ”

    Bora Bora is often called the most beautiful island in the world. Bora Bora is a 50-minute flight and a 10-hour boat trip from Tahiti.This tiny island – just 18 miles in circumference – is encircled by a protective necklace of coral.
  • Moorea “ The Magical Island ”

    A few minutes’ flight from Tahiti, or just 30 minutes on the ferry, Moorea the “sister island” is a luxuriant garden set on a perfect lagoon. Moorea was the inspiration for James Michener’s mythical island of Bali Hai,
  • Tahaa “ The vanilla island ”

    Just two miles north of Raiatea, few minutes away from Raiatea’s airport by shuttle boat, Tahaa has retained the seductiveness of oldtime Polynesia. Taha’a is called “The Vanilla Island” for its many plantations of this sought-after spice,
  • Hua Hine “ Garden of Eden ”

    Hua hine is located 110 miles northwest of Tahiti and is just a Only just a 30-minute flight from Tahiti on Air Tahiti, Tahiti’s inter-island carrier. Actually consisting of two islands joined by a bridge, the magic of Huahine can be felt instantly upon arrival,
  • Raiatea “ The Sacred Island ”

    About 120 miles northwest of Tahiti, Raiatea may be the most revered island in all the South Pacific. Daily flights (4-7/day) and regular boat schedules (7 sailings per week from Tahiti), Raiatea is a 45 minute fl ight or a 12-hour boat ride from Tahiti.